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Lash Lift Instruction

Instructions (also available on back of the box):

  1. Cleanse your eyes from any make-up residues and oils.
  2. Start off by gluing the silicon pads to your eyelids.
  3. Using glue, adhere the lashes onto the silicon pad, comb your lashes using the clean tool and allow to dry (1-2 mins).
  4. Apply perm lotion on the lashes and cover with plastic wrap. Relax for 8-12 min while perm lotion hardens.
  5. Apply fixing solution over the perm solution cover with plastic wrap and once more relax and let the solution do its magic for 8-12 mins.
  6. Remove the silicon eye pad, cleanse your eyelids and lashes then apply the nutrition solution to your lashes to nourish them
  7. Finally use the cleaning solution to clean any perm residue